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The Recruitment and on-Hire Industry is a key stakeholder in the labour market. To effectively operate a recruitment business you are required to comply with statutory operating rules, comply with industry standards, ensure compliance with multiply modern awards and meet the contractual demands of government and corporate clients.

Failure to meet these obligations can result in your business being exposed to fines, liabilities and a negative operating profit. It is also important to keep abreast of the ever-changing employment law landscape and how it effects the on-hire market.

Burke Mangan Lawyers has extensive experience in the recruitment and on-hire industry having worked in, and provided services to, global recruitment businesses and the industry peak body.

Experience. Responsive. Focus.

Advisory Services

We advise on, interpret and draft:

  • Contracts for on-hire, casual and permanent staff as well as contractor agreements
  • Restraints of Trade in Contract
  • Rights between competitors under industry rules
  • Service Agreements and Terms of Business

Court based Services

Support and representation with respect to:

  • Breach of Contract Claims or contractual interpretation claims (including on termination)
  • Restraint of Trade
  • Employment based claims – underpayment, unfair dismissal, discrimination and adverse action

Core Services

In line with our core value – Law that focuses on you – we provide you with Understanding, Effective Communication and Strategic Support to resolve your matter. Litigation can be costly and emotionally challenging, so we employ alternate dispute resolution tools (settlement conferences, mediation, arbitration and issues conferences) to reach commercially valuable results.


Burke Mangan Lawyers have recently:

  • Advising on, and negotiating a settlement of, the rights of a party to terminate of a service contract.
  • Drafting Recruitment industry contracts and terms of business
  • Negotiating terms of contract
  • Representation with respect to unfair dismissal claim

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