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Schools play a critical role in our society and there is a myriad of laws governing the operation of schools, interaction with parents and the education of students. Many laws focus on the education and protection of student.

Burke Mangan has extensive experience in advising, and acting for, school and parents in all aspect of the laws relation to the education sector. Our legal services cover student rights, board and school obligations, disciplinary matters, child protection issues, employment and discrimination concerns, the application of family laws, contractual disputes between parents and the school.

We understand that school law issues can be emotionally charged and highly sensitive. We approach all matters with compassion, understanding and sensitivity. We provide Advisory and Court based services in line with our core values.

Experience. Understanding. Client Centric.

Advisory Services

We advise on, interpret and draft:

  • Contracts
  • Restraints of Trade in Contract
  • Child Protection Investigations and Advice
  • School based issues – discipline, discrimination, family law and school fees
  • Equitable remedies and protections (procedural fairness/natural justice)
  • Contractual interpretation, Disputes and Termination
  • Obligations and processes under Club and Association Rules and Constitution
  • Award and Agreement Interpretation and Application

Court based Services

Support and representation with respect to:

  • Breach of Contract Claims
  • School Law Disputes
  • Disputes between members and Associations
  • Disputes, Adverse Action, Unfair Dismissal and Discrimination Claims

Core Services

In line with our core value – Law that focuses on you – we provide you with Understanding, Effective Communication and Strategic Support to resolve your matter. Litigation can be costly and emotionally challenging, so we employ alternate dispute resolution tools (settlement conferences, mediation, arbitration and issues conferences) to reach commercially valuable results.


Burke Mangan Lawyers have recently:

  • Advising on obligations of a school to make adjustments for a student with disabilities.
  • Successfully acting for a member being recognised as a member of the committee of an Association.
  • Advising a school corporation on its obligations under its Constitution.
  • Successfully obtaining orders for procedural fairness in relation to investigations
  • Advising on, and undertaking child protection investigations in schools
  • Advise and representing schools in relation to Award/Enterprise Agreement rights and obligations

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